A Como Silk Production

The transparency of our luxury silk production

The entire Aquadulza silk production of our silk fashion accessories takes place in the Como silk district.

We strongly believe that what is behind the scenes should be disclosed with our customers.

Not only to create a transparent relationship with our clients, but especially to give the deserved visibility to all the fundamentals person that contribute to the creation of our products.

Who does what?

* All video & photo contents are self-edited. Capturing images of unique views of our region is an effort we make with real passion.

* The digital printing and the product transformation are made by artisans companies based in Como district, as well as the stylish caskets created with 100% recycled paper. 

* To compensate for the emissions generated by both the production process and the shipment, we regularly invest in green & social projects linked to the Como area.

It is a job we do with passion, for the love of our territory. To reciprocate the privilege of being born in a unique context, we want to represent the Como silk production at its best.

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