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Washing tips for silk accessories 

In the hot summer seasons, wearing silk clothes and accessories allows you to dress with lightness and softness. Not only for a matter of comfort, but also thanks to another property of silk, the shine, this fabric can add a touch of unparalleled elegance to your style.

But how do you wash a fine silk accessory?

Dry cleaning for luxury silk accessories

It could happen to anyone to dirty their silk dress or accessory with food, liquids or simply makeup. The first essential step in this situation is to avoid making it worse. Leave aside do-it-yourself solutions like talcum powder, lemon, salt and others (which work on other fabrics but not on a very delicate one like silk). These practices can permanently compromise the characteristics of silk, even leaving unpleasant halos that will permanently damage your product.

The advice we give, especially with regard to luxury silk fashion accessories such as Aquadulza Experience scarves or foulards, is to contact professionals. Almost all stains can be removed using special chemical products available in the best laundries: as luxury accessories, their treatment must also receive an equally excellent service.

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Dry cleaning in these situations is essential and relying on professionals is always the best choice. Generally, however, if they are clothes, you can also find the label with the washing instructions. Water temperature never exceeds 30°, absolutely avoid centrifugation and drying in the sun. These will certainly damage the product making it unusable.

The most suitable type of drying is to place the garments on a hanger, so as not to make them take ugly creases difficult to remove.

Characteristics of silk: softness and lightness

Silk is a fabric of natural fibers that comes from the cocoons of silkworms (we have already talked in this other article about the origin of silk) and for this reason it maintains unique characteristics that make it very delicate even in treatments.
The softness and lightness are certainly the most appreciated characteristics by its wearers and in the warmer seasons leave a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin.

Another distinctive feature of this fabric is its luster: bright colors and contrasting with each other as in the silk foulard Aquadulza San Primo Sunrise are highlighted and appreciated even by an outside eye. For this reason, a wrong treatment can negatively and irreparably affect your silk accessory. Once you make the mistake, you can not go back, so better to think twice before embarking on DIY solutions.

The best treatment you can give your accessory is undoubtedly an almost maniacal personal care in its use. Obviously, the unexpected is always around the corner but the care is also seen in the choices for its treatment. Entrust the washing to professionals who will be able to guarantee a service suitable for the quality of the fashion accessory in precious silk such as Aquadulza ties.

How do you wash a silk tie?

The position of the tie when you are sitting at the table is certainly vulnerable to be affected by annoying stains. Even in these situations, don't try DIY solutions (like sparkling water, talcum powder or lemon). In case of liquid, simply wipe the stain with a dry cloth to dry it as much as possible, or in case of food, use a (clean!) knife to remove as much residue as possible from the tie.

The best solution even in this case is to rely on professionals who will use dry cleaning with dedicated products to solve your problem. Once fixed, to avoid the formation of creases is better to leave the silk ties to rest in the shade on a hanger for a few hours.
In case there are still some creases left, you can iron the silk accessories at very low temperatures in order to eliminate them and make the luxury silk fashion accessory shiny again.

Last suggestion from our side: the best solution to keep intact the characteristics of brightness and softness of fashion accessories such as our Aquadulza Experience accessories in fine silk 100% Made in Como, is to have the right care and attention during their use. Do not exaggerate with too many treatments: use dedicated products only if the accessory is dirty or stained.

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