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Transparency in production processes as a differentiating element in fashion

Do you want to know how Aquadulza Experience fashion accessories are designed and realized?

For some years now, with the consolidation of digital technology and not only because of the recent global pandemic, the fashion world has been asking for more and more transparency on production processes and on the social conditions of workers.

Aquadulza is a young fashion brand strongly rooted in the textile district of Como. The fact that we have already been working in this sector for decades allows us to have full control over the production and manufacturing of our luxury silk fashion accessories.

Starting from the idea, the snapshots printed on our silk products represent unique views of Lake Como and allow the customer to live that same emotion forever. A summer sunrise from the summit of Mount San Primo, a simple relaxing walk on the lakefront of Bellagio or a greeting to the boat leaving the pier in Cernobbio, all these moments can be relived every time you wear an Aquadulza silk foulard.

 Como Lake silk foulard made Italy Aquadulza

The true experience described by our brand starts right here, from the possibility to carry with you forever the memory of a trip on this lake celebrated by prominent figures around the world. Time seems to stand still on these prints and the softness of the silk allows the customer to caress this memory at any time.

All the manufacturing is 100% Made in Como

Once the most representative image has been chosen, the transformation process from simple idea to finished product begins. Digital printing has evolved very rapidly in recent years and in the Como silk district some excellence has emerged in this area.

Thanks to our partners in the area, the snapshots are then printed on the silk roll and after a precise finishing process the image acquires brilliance and precision on the piece itself.

The printed fabric now has to be transformed into a finished product and even here, our knowledge and presence "in house" of professional artisans in the manufacture of textile accessories allows us to maintain the status of Made in Como for all our production.

 artigiana italiana made Italy Aquadulza Experience

Artisans who work from home, following the simple rhythms of life and using their skills to create fashion accessories that represent the quality of Made in Italy all over the world.

Contact us to customize your fashion accessory

The possibility of having the entire production chain of exclusive luxury silk accessories at our fingertips allows us to also offer customized products made according to the ideal measurements or requests of our customers. The craftsman differs from the industrial production not only for the greater attention to detail and care in the choice of materials of the highest quality, but especially for the possibility of maintaining a direct relationship with customers and offer as far as possible a high level of customization.

There are no minimum production quantities when the customer perfectly recognizes to the craftsman, also in economic terms, the time dedicated to the creation of a custom-made product. 

The length of the tie can be adapted to the build of its wearer, the print on the silk scarf can represent a snapshot linked to a personal memory of the customer, the embroidery of the initials of the name can be applied to all our accessories.

Try to request an appointment to receive a customized product and follow almost in real time all the updates related to the production of your unique luxury silk fashion accessory. Contact us through this form for more information.

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Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an experience!

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