Perfume & Tie - The Perfect Gift for Dads

Silk & Perfume for the Father's Day

In Catholic countries, as in our case in Italy, Father's Day coincides with the day of St. Joseph or 19 March. Joseph and his father figure, represent the symbol of humility and dedication that precisely characterizes more markedly the figure of the male parent than the female. The feast was added to the Roman calendar by Pope Sixtus IV in 1479, and during the nineteenth century St. Joseph became the patron saint of some countries with an important Catholic tradition.

In the United States the feast has a much more recent origin, partly related to Mother's Day. It is celebrated in June and according to tradition, the inspiration for a Father's Day would have come in 1909 by hearing a sermon on the occasion of Mother's Day, which was beginning to be celebrated in those years.

It's a privilege to have the opportunity to spend quality time with our parents, and small gestures such as an original thought on the occasion of their celebratory day are always a pleasure. Of course, you shouldn't "remember" to celebrate your dad only on this particular occasion, but ignoring this holiday altogether wouldn't be a wise choice either.

Collaboration between Aquadulza and the fragrances of Acqua del Lario

The beautiful prints of Aquadulza fashion accessories are accompanied for this special occasion by a fragrance also 100% Made in Como created by Acqua del Lario. This other young project based in Torno on the shores of Lake Como, has been able to establish itself in a short time as an elegant and refined reality in the world of high-level perfumery.

acqua del Lario Aquadulza partnership

Discover on the official website of Acqua del Lario all the products available and travel on the shores of the lake enjoying the different perfumes created by these young entrepreneurs.

Gift box with perfume & tie

The masculine accessory par excellence remains the tie in pure silk, but this time we wanted to offer a box even more special by combining it with one of the perfumes of Acqua del Lario.

For a father who loves a classic and formal style, choose among the Aquadulza ties and match them with Ventone perfume, for example. Or, for an informal but detail-loving father, dare to go further by choosing ties with colored tail together with Garzeno perfume by Acqua del Lario.

Visit the store in the historic center of Como in Via Pantera 3 and create yourself the combination tie + perfume that you prefer. Alternatively, you can still write us directly through this form and ask directly for the desired combo also for an online purchase.

Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an experience! 

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