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The idea of the colored tail on Aquadulza ties

The logo of our brand Aquadulza clearly represents the outline of Lake Como, a unique territory in the world where we have our roots for several generations. To make the creations of our fashion accessories, such as pure silk ties, unique, we decided to add another very characteristic detail: the print of glimpses of our beloved lake on the tail of the tie itself.

Lake Como as a symbol of differentiation

We have already talked in another article of our blog about the link between the Como district and the world of silk and its close relationship with this iconic accessory, but we will never get tired of underlining the importance of silk ties and their production chain for the Lake Como area.

Silk ties have been the excellence for several decades of the textile district of Como and now, albeit with drastically reduced volumes, having the knowledge to buy this fashion accessory Made in Como is a guarantee of high quality. Hence our idea not only to represent the lake and its characteristic shape in our clearly recognizable logo, but also to add an element of differentiation rarely found in the market.

Colored tail pure silk tie Aquadulza

The prints available on some of our elegant Aquadulza silk ties represent two different views of the Lario. The first one, available in blue and bordeaux colors, is a snapshot of a boat departing from the landing stage in Cernobbio for its journey in the first basin of Lake Como: those who have lived this experience can confirm that even if already in Cernobbio you can enjoy excellent views, in the following stops you can admire beautiful villas and even more breathtaking landscapes. The second one, available in light blue and grey, is the print section of the village of Bellagio seen from its magnificent lakefront: Bellagio is certainly the most famous village of all Lake Como and therefore could not miss on our Aquadulza luxury pure silk ties.

Elegant detail to show off when needed

Why did we put this print on the tail of the tie? Very simple answer: the characteristic of the tail is that it remains hidden, being "blocked" by the keeper loop on the back of the blade. But for a person who loves to show off or who simply wants to stand out in less formal contexts, he can slip the tail from the loop leaving it free to show itself; by doing so, you can create an eye-catcher that will surely catch the attention of various interlocutors.Cravatta pura seta codino colorato AquadulzaThis double utility of the tail can be very useful for people who use the tie both for the working day and for social occasions: without having to make a change of tie, it is enough to switch from the formal to the informal mode, letting the colored tail of the Aquadulza silk tie express all its potential as a unique and different accessory.

The four colors available with the two different variants of printing on the tails, are all very formal tones ideal to be worn in any context without being too conspicuous to the eye of the other party. If then your interlocutor will notice the detail of the shape of Lake Como, then you can have fun telling some anecdotes related to the tie and its relationship with the Como district. When you'll need one last twist to finally hit the mark, then it will be time to show off our colored tail! Can we bet that there will be no more obstacles to reach your goal?

The brand Aquadulza in addition to silk ties offers other fashion accessories such as foulards, scarves, bow ties and wallets. All these exclusive fashion products are characterized both by their elegant style and by the strong link with the territory of Lake Como, the main source of inspiration for our creations.

Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an experience!

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