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Lake Como and its beautiful mountains

Among the various distinctive and inimitable features of the landscape that makes the entire Lake Como region special, a key role is played by its splendid mountains. Starting from the pre-Alps in the Como basin rich in vegetation, through the sharp rocks of the Lecco shore, to the peaks over 2500mt in the Upper Lake, without these mountains Lake Como would not be so fascinating.

The Como branch and the Larian Triangle

As soon as one arrives in the city of Como, one realizes that the city is surrounded by mountains full of vegetation where over the centuries man has marked his presence by building entire villages. With a very steep winding road, one can access in a few minutes' drive the beautiful village of Brunate, famous both for its lighthouse and for the funicular railway that also allows tourists to reach the center of the village in very few minutes while enjoying a breathtaking view of the first basin of the Lake on the way. Right in Brunate's face but on the other side of the Como basin rises Mount Bisbino, which marks the border with neighboring Switzerland: here, too, you can get there by a long paved road that starts directly from Cernobbio. The view from the summit offers a splendid panorama of the  Milan surroundings and the Western Alpine arc.

Lake Como Mountains Aquadulza Experience

To have an (almost) complete panorama of Lake Como one must ascend Mount San Primo, the queen peak of the Larian Triangle that joins Como, Bellagio and Lecco. The season to enjoy the best view is winter when the days are clear and the surrounding mountain peaks are sure to be snow-capped. But even the summer time at unconventional times such as sunrise and sunset allows the lucky ones to enjoy some very picturesque moments. In fact, the photo of the print on the Monte San Primo pure silk scarf was taken during a summer sunrise a couple of seasons ago.

The sharp rocks of the Lecco branch

Moving a few kilometers to the Lecco shore, the landscape changes completely. Sharp, pointed peaks can be seen even from the city of Milan, and these landscapes are those immortalized by Alessandro Manzoni in his Promessi Sposi: "from its many cocuzzoli in a row, which in truth make it resemble a saw..." is the description made of Resegone, which rises just behind the city of Lecco.
The two most famous peaks, however, are those of the Grigne: the one further south called Grignetta and the more imposing one to the north nicknamed Grignone. Climbing these mountains through rocky channels and dense pine forests, or being easily in the clouds, is somehow reminiscent of real mountain landscapes.
Another mountain with these rocky characteristics but found going up the Como shore to the north is Monte Grona: positioned above the characteristic village of Menaggio, this easily accessible peak for those with trained legs gives a unique view of the entire Leccose branch and the Grigne. Of course, it could not be missing on our beautiful printed pure silk scarves and 100% Made in Como, so much so that we recreated two versions: a digital one and an edited one that evokes a painting effect to the print.

His majesty the Legnone printed on silk

Our journey ends with the upper Lake where, starting from Bellagio, one can admire the peaks that exceed 2500mt of Sasso Canale, the mountains of Val Chiavenna and the characteristic Monte Legnone: with its 2609 mt above sea level it is the highest mountain on Lake Como. Contrary to what you may think, all it takes is a minimum of experience as a mountain hiker and the proper clothing to reach the top by walking a few hours.

Legnoncino silk print Made in Italy Aquadulza

Its distinctive pyramid and that of its neighboring, lower Mount Legnoncino are immortalized in several of our pure silk accessories. In Bellagio's elegant pure silk foulard, the peak rising in the background is precisely the Legnoncino. Another breathtaking view of this mountain can be enjoyed from the village of Argegno on the Como shore, when on clear winter days the scenery is truly breathtaking and spine-chilling. We immortalized it in one of our twilly in pure printed silk and 100% Made in Como called precisely Legnone.

Our passion for this area could make us stay here for hours describing its characteristics and peculiarities. Hence the idea of trying to share our good fortune to experience these beautiful landscapes on a daily basis by immortalizing them in unique shots and represent them on the other excellence of our territory such as silk and the craftsmanship in its processing.

Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an experience!

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