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Aquadulza pure silk twilly

The twilly is a narrow scarf usually measuring 6x110cm that is tied around the neck. It is a very popular accessory with women as it can be used in a wide variety of ways and is therefore easily adaptable to any context.

From protest symbol to elegant fashion accessory 

Its Italian name (strangolino) is obviously derived from the verb "strangolare" (to strangle) and seems to echo the concept of the female 'chocker' introduced in France in the 18th century. This ribbon tied tightly around the throat was a sign of protest by the people against the continuous beheadings imposed by the French government during the revolution.
Like all fashions and trends, the use of this accessory evolved (fortunately) over the following decades, changing in meaning and occasions for its use.

Strangolino pura seta Aquadulza Lago Como
It was with the end of the Second World War and the subsequent economic boom that this small and versatile accessory entered the wardrobe of many western women. In the 1960s in particular, various film and television divas had no shortage of opportunities to flaunt these fine silk ribbons. It didn't take long for the general public to copy the style of their favourite actresses; in fact, it is very common to find photos from the economic boom period of middle-class women with ribbons tied in their hair or knotted around their necks.

Characteristics of pure silk twilly

This elegant fashion accessory is available in a variety of fabrics and sizes, but considering that its intrinsic characteristic is to be knotted tightly around the throat or wrist, it is very important to have the right quality of fabric. What other fibre is better than silk for delicately enveloping women's skin? We have already described the main characteristics of silk in another article on our blog, as well as its origins, but it is certainly the softness of this fabric that makes the difference.

As for the size of these accessories, there is no real definitive model: most likely the modern twilly is an evolution of the classic 70x70cm square silk scarf. Considering that when knotted horizontally, a large part of this scarf remained hidden and therefore not properly valued, several luxury brands introduced in the 1960s twillies with elongated dimensions of 20x120cm.
As always with the passing of the decades and the evolution of fashion, there has been a greater search for less bulky products that could enhance the refinement of women in every occasion. The modern bandeau, also called bandeaux in French, has therefore taken on the current form of a 6x110cm sash, more or less adopted by all the major international fashion brands.

Aquadulza silk strangolini with Lake Como prints

The young fashion brand Aquadulza takes up the use of this elegant and adaptable silk accessory, proposing it in the size 6x110cm with multiple colour variations. A common element among all the twillies available in the Aquadulza collection is undoubtedly the strong link with the Como area and Lake Como.

Luxury silk twilly aquadulza experience

Among the various views of Lake Como represented on our elegant pure silk Aquadulza twilly we can find a section of the lakefront of Bellagio, the boat leaving from the pier in Cernobbio, the view of the upper lake from Monte San Primo, the Civera bridge in Nesso and many others. Discover the complete collection by visiting the page of our online catalogue.

This small but elegant fashion accessory in pure silk allows you to carry with you always a unique emotion linked to Lake Como. Visit our complete catalogue of ties, foulards, scarves, wallets, bow ties and get inspired for an excellent gift idea for those who love to stand out and have Lake Como in their heart.

Aquadulza is not just a brand...Aquadulza is an experience.

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