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The tie as a fashion accessory of excellence for Lake Como district

In the second half of the last century, almost 80% of the ties produced in Europe came from the Como district. But how was it possible for this textile district to achieve such supremacy?

The tie as a visionary intuition

We have already talked about the origin of the tie and how it has evolved over the last few centuries. The great modern revolution took place in the 1920's when Jesse Langsdorf, a New York inventor, had the idea of cutting the fabric of the tie diagonally, making it in three parts.

The Como district had already specialized in textile production for centuries, but it was in 1927, with the Voltiana Exposition, that the first pieces of silk began to appear alongside the kilometers of umbrella fabrics. These were then cut diagonally to make ties using the new Langsford method.

Como silk tie excellence made in Italy Aquadulza

To tell the truth, already in 1925 the entrepreneur Guido Ravasi from Como had seen the potential in this accessory so much in vogue in the aristocratic class that he started the production in silk of some unique pieces directly at his store in Piazza Vittoria in Como. For the designs Ravasi was inspired by Italian art and history, trying to express an aesthetic concept in combination with the high quality of the fabric itself.

In the years to come, following the crisis of '29 and the Second World War, the evolution of the tie had a slight slowdown and then finally exploded with the economic boom of the '50s and '60s.

The silk tie as a symbol of the city of Como

For some decades the tie had already been consolidated as an essential accessory in the wardrobe of nobility throughout the Western world. During the years of economic expansion after the Second World War, the production of fabrics for ties took on an industrial dimension, bringing it within the reach of other social classes.

If Ravasi's activity had lost importance with the passing of time, at the same time many other realities were consolidated in the Como district for the production not only of woven fabrics but also of printed materials that allowed the exclusive creativity of Como designers to be given vent, a creativity that is still recognized worldwide. 

cravatta como eccellenza italiana Aquadulza

These designers were considered true artists and the prestige of the studios where they worked often reached worldwide fame in the fashion world. The designs of the ties were made with the brush, in a few centimeters of fabric was highlighted the attention to detail and creativity of the design itself. 

Como's supremacy in the world of ties was both for production and for design. Thanks to the boom of this golden age, the tie (especially the silk one) became the symbol of the entire Como district.

Fashion accessory more and more exclusive

With the most recent evolution of fashion, the tie has lost more and more importance, so much so that it is associated mainly with the world of business and ceremonies. Compared to the golden age of the second post-war period, there are now only a few dozen activities in the Como area specialized in the manufacture of these exclusive textile accessories.

All the knowledge, craftsmanship and experience handed down from generation to generation have allowed these companies to excel in their work. Even today, in fact, the main brands of international high fashion come to Como to choose new designs not only for ties but also for scarves, trusting those who work in this field for several generations.

It is therefore essential to be able to differentiate not only in terms of quality of production but also for the realization of attractive designs that capture the interest of the buyer.

Aquadulza silk tie Como Lake excellence

The collection of ties Aquadulza Experience is inspired by these fundamental pillars: all our ties are in pure silk, hand sewn and above all designed and manufactured 100% in Como district. Jacquard fabrics, plains, prints that refer to the images of Lake Como.

Try the experience of admiring how the pure silk ties of Aquadulza are designed and manufactured.

Aquadulza is not just a brand...Aquadulza is an experience!

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