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Aquadulza silk ties for Pallacanestro Cantù

All the staff of the brand Aquadulza Experience is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with the Pallacanestro Cantù as official suppliers of the elegant silk ties worn by the staff and management of the Cantù sports club for the 2021/22 season.

This prestigious collaboration comes from the passion of the Albonico family and in particular of Tommaso towards the world of basketball. Passionate since their youth and often present in the legendary Pianella of Cucciago, where the history of Cantù Basketball has lived its most glorious pages, this new partnership shows all the passion and the desire to support a sporting excellence of the Como district.

Cantù basket Aquadulza official supplier

Touch of exclusive elegance for the club

The Aquadulza pure silk ties with the print of the Pallacanestro Cantù logo on the frontal blade, bring a touch of exclusive elegance to the entire Cantù staff. The coach and assistants will wear it during the games bringing around Italy our beautiful ties with the shape of Lake Como.

On September 20, 2021 the official presentation of the team and staff that will face the Legadue championship for the 2021/22 season took place. In the beautiful setting of the golf club Villa d'Este in Montorfano, players and management have reiterated to all sponsors present for the occasion, their total commitment in facing this challenging season of relaunch.

The Made in Como pure silk ties created in collaboration with the Cantù Basketball team have the distinctive Aquadulza logo (shape of Lake Como and a wave that evokes the movement of water) in white on a blue background, as well as having the historical logo of Cantù Basket printed on the front blade of the tie.

Cravatta seta lusso Aquadulza Cantù basket
For the moment only the managers and the staff have the possibility to wear our elegant fashion accessories; at the end of the season, depending on the outcome (hopefully positive) of the championship, there will be the possibility to offer also to the players other exclusive accessories branded Aquadulza.

Important collaborations with excellence in the Como district

This partnership with another important excellence of the Como district, in this case in the sports field, reinforces the strategy of collaborations undertaken by the brand Aquadulza with local companies and excellences.

We have already talked in this article of our blog about the collaboration with Tabu S.p.a., an excellence in the world of Wood & Furniture in the Como area; during the summer we have collaborated with the prestigious restaurant of Brienno "Crotto dei Platani" providing them with fashion accessories of unparalleled quality to be worn by all the staff.

The world of corporate gifts and accessories is an important channel of collaboration that the brand Aquadulza can offer with fashion products of the highest quality. Ties in pure silk, foulards of various sizes strictly hemmed by hand, scarves fully customizable even in different fabrics. In short, Aquadulza represents the strong link between the silk district and the beauty of Lake Como but strongly supports other excellences of Como region that want to stand out with a touch of elegance.

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