The most beautiful village: Bellagio | Aquadulza for Lake Como

Bellagio the pearl of the Lario

The name of this village delicately placed at the end of the immense triangle that divides the two branches of Lake Como seems to anticipate its main characteristic: beauty.

Aquadulza silk scarf with the print of Bellagio

Actually, according to many scholars, the name Bellagio comes from the Latin Bilacus, which means "two lakes", and since the lake here divides into two branches, this theory fits perfectly. The hill of Punta Spartivento which dominates the promontory of this splendid village is certainly one of the most popular destinations for the many visitors (especially foreigners) who every summer peacefully invade the Pearl of the Lario. In fact, from this point you can admire the 3 different branches that characterize Lake Como: the Como branch, the Lecco branch and the Alto Lario with a direct view of the Alps.

Como Lake Bellagio Silk Aquadulza
But the main view that justifies the trip to Bellagio is the one that can be admired directly from its renovated and elegant lakefront. It is no coincidence that it is precisely this snapshot that we have decided to capture on our pure silk scarves and foulard and a section of the same for the twilly and for the tails of our blue and grey ties.
The magic of enjoying the summer bloom of the colorful oleanders along the lakefront promenade justifies the price of the visit. Continuing the walk and entering the alleys of the old village you will be completely charmed by the beauty of local products (food but especially textiles) perfect to buy as a souvenir of the passage from this unique village.

Bellagio and its fame in America

The prestige of this small village on Lake Como is certainly more popular among foreign visitors than Italian ones. Above all, it is the Americans who, during their summer Grand Tour of Italy, strongly request a stop in Bellagio. The blazon is certainly due to the beauty of the village itself and to the unique conformity of its territory, but also for the free advertising that an American enterpreneur has been offering Bellagio for more than 20 years.

For those who do not know this American tycoon, Mr. Steve Wynn had fallen in love with Lake Como spending his vacations with his wife Elain, between Bellagio and Lierna, and decided to build a resort in the city of Las Vegas inspired by the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, giving it the name of Bellagio. Thus, the prestige of being associated with a world-renowned luxury structure and VIP tourism increasingly in vogue in recent years, have given the definitive impetus to Bellagio as a tourist destination of excellence for the world of luxury.

A luxury silk accessory as a reminder of Bellagio

Among the various luxury fashion accessories offered by the brand Aquadulza, the one that best represents the beauty of the village of Bellagio and its strong link with the Como silk district is the pure silk foulard available in various sizes: this exclusive fashion product can be dressed in different ways or also act as a complement to another accessory such as a bag or a belt.

Lago Como Bellagio Seta Lusso Aquadulza

The twilly in the Bellagio version is even more versatile and can be worn not only to tie or bind the hair but also simply by knotting it around the neck or inserting it as a complement on a bag or belt. Finally, the last Aquadulza fashion accessory that takes up the view of the Bellagio lakefront is the pure silk tie with Aquadulza logo and colored tail in light blue and grey variants: the dual utility of the colored tail of Aquadulza ties emphasizes its trait of exclusivity and differentiation ideal for those who love to stand out.

Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an experience!

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