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Customization of fine silk accessories

A person who loves to dress elegantly also loves the possibility of having custom-made clothes and personalized accessories. The world of fashion is going more and more in this direction and obviously the brand Aquadulza offers its customers not only the opportunity to customize their silk fashion accessory but also to see the various stages of its transformation.

Personalized silk foulard Aquadulza

Among the various fashion accessories in silk 100% Made in Como present in the collections of the brand Aquadulza Experience, you can find foulards in various sizes, ties, bow ties, twillies and even wallets in leather Tuscany with applied silk from Como.

luxury customized silk foulard Aquadulza

The customization that can be obtained for the scarves obviously starts from the image that the customer wants to print. Thanks to the new technologies it is more and more immediate to print digitally and this offers the possibility to Aquadulza's customers to obtain a silk foulard with their own personalization. The higher the resolution of the image, the higher the quality transmitted to the fabric. The colors of the image also play an important role: overly sophisticated shades do not always have the right effect on the scarf, so it is better to choose images with strong and clear colors. Look at the collection of Aquadulza scarves to get an idea of the prints of images related to Lake Como.

Other possibilities of personalization are the size of the foulard (usually in square format with sizes 45, 70, 90 up to 140cm for the shawls in high quality silk) and the embroidery of initials or dates to be inserted in a corner to be sure to get a luxury accessory really unique in the world.

Tailor-made silk ties Aquadulza

The other accessory available in the Aquadulza Experience collection and very popular for customization is the silk tie. If you want to learn more about how this accessory has linked deeply with the Como district, read this other article on our blog.

Personalized silk tie Aquadulza made Como

The most exclusive tie customization is definitely cutting the fabric in length according to the customer's build. In order to find out what exactly the ideal length should be, the customer can request a consultation via video to the Aquadulza Team: thanks to this interaction it will also be possible to discover which print or design is the most suitable for his style. Another customization required for this accessory is the embroidery of initials on the silk tie, in the center of the blade of the tie or near the tip.

Direct relationship with the customer - the real Aquadulza Experience

Silk tie and silk foulard are definitely the main luxury fashion accessories that offer the best level of exclusive customization, but other available fashion accessories such as silk scarves, twillies and the same wallets, can also be customized with their own design and/or special embroidery.

In addition to the degree of customization of these products, the feature of this process that really differentiates the brand Aquadulza compared to many others, is the possibility for the customer to have an interactive relationship with the brand throughout the process of personalization.
Starting from the initial consultancy aimed at identifying the best possible solution for the customer, along the various stages of transformation with continuous digital updates on the progress, up to the final feedback with the customer once received their custom accessory.

This is the real Aquadulza Experience that allows a young brand strongly linked to the territory of Lake Como to share the experience in the textile world and tell the behind the scenes in the manufacturing of a small artisanal laboratory.

Aquadulza is not just a is the exclusive experience of living the Made in Como!

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